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Why Epoxy Flooring?

So you are in the market for a new type of flooring. What are some of the things you should consider prior to deciding on what type of flooring you are going to use.

Here are some suggestions:
1. How long will it take to install the new flooring?
- A typical installation usually takes about 3 days to complete. The first day is spent prepping the floor (getting it ready to receive epoxy flooring). If the project calls for epoxy baseboards or if it needs skimmed prior to installation, these steps are also done. The second day is when the epoxy flooring is installed. The third day is when the final clear coat of sealer is installed.

2. What type of flooring delivers the most bang for the buck?
- Our Phoenix trowel down epoxy flooring is very durable, has excellent chemical resistance properties, has an orange-peel texture creating slip resistance. After initial installation, it does not require additional seal coats unlike other types of flooring, is seamless and water proof, is a solid without seams when cured. Unlike tile, it does not have grout strips where dirt, germs, and odors get trapped. Cleanup is a breeze and ongoing maintenance is almost none existent when cared for properly. Unlike VCT, you will never be required to buff, strip, or wax the surface to maintain a beautiful appearance.

3. How qualified are the installers who will be installing our floor?
- Hi Tech Flooring company crews are fully certified installers of the Phoenix Epoxy trowel down flooring products. (prior to certification, each mechanic trains for a minimum of 6 months prior to taking the lead on any project). With both rigorous and lengthy training our installers possess the skills to deliver great looking floors time and time again. Our staff has proudly been servicing our customers for 35+ years and look forward to the next 35 years.

4. Will the company responsible for installing our floor back up their product with over the top customer service and technical support?
- When it comes to standing behind our product and customer service with any company, the proof is in the pudding. 70% of the business we do is for repeat customers, 20% is for customers that were referred by those who have used us for years, and the remainder is from people finding us through the web or from calling the number on one of our fleet vehicles. Essentially 90% of the business either comes directly from customers who have used us for years, or at a minimum stems from their positive recommendations. Of course having customer service is only part of the equation… the trowel down epoxy flooring we install is second to none as you may soon discover.

5. Is the company installing the flooring licensed and insured?
- Hi Tech Flooring company is equipped to take on the biggest of projects one can throw our way. We are a fully insured class A flooring contractor based in Hampton Roads Virginia, and will mobilize to tackle work wherever needed.

6. Can the company installing the floor provide multiple references to ease my mind?
- Our company is happy to provide references if desired.

7. Does the company installing the floor provide a detailed description of the work they will do in the proposals they submit?
- Proposals we submit to our customers are clear, and concise while fully covering the scope of what we agree to complete for the price we charge for our services. Full disclosure and honesty is key to customer satisfaction.

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